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The unexpected rewards of being an author

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

I’m a bit of a snob.

Coming up as I did on the cusp of the film community, I only knew about stories aimed at the people who occupied the mass market. You know, hit-makers. Stories that addressed smaller canvases—even if they took on larger themes—were pretty much off my radar.

Besides, everywhere I looked I saw evidence of ignorance and semi-literacy. You know the type, non-readers and consumers of fringe opinion and disinformation. But publishing my own novel forced me to consider people who did read, people who might find something to like about my book. I searched them out. The exercise exposed me to all sorts of folks I hadn't encountered before. Some enjoy non-fiction and others favor historical novels and thrillers, not to mention scholarly works. And let's not forget bodice rippers. But all enjoy reading and writing and thinking; and they tell their friends about their literary appetites. Some even had nice things to say about my book, "The Uniform." . I didn’t expect them to praise my writing or note its colorful touches of humor, but they did. Damn. Thanks to the Historical Novel Society, The Prairies Book Review, and Readers Favorite. And thank you.

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