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This audiobook has been making some noise

Experts tell me audiobooks are the future. In fact, they've become the present and future of books. The average audiobook consumer listens to seventeen audiobooks a year. Seventeen!

There is something about the form that, in the hands of a skilled narrator, makes a story come alive. Not better than the printed page, but different--maybe more intimate or immediate--thanks to how a human voice can pull you into a story. After producing a bunch of commercials in my former incarnation as an advertising person, I enjoyed working with voice talent.

But I actually teared up when I first heard an actor recite the text of my novel. Maybe because it reminded me of the horrors my parents endured during the war. Just as likely, it's because of the skill Streven Fehr invested in the narrator's task. Let me know if you agree by giving "The Uniform" a free sample listen at this link:

It's a 2-minute excerpt in which a labor camp prisoner, confined to a barn, simultaneously befriends a horse while fashioning an escape plan using a gashed Gestapo tunic.

Do it walking, jogging, commuting, or traveling; It's a pretty cool way to experience a novel. Let me know if you agree by sending a note to

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