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Tell me what to write.

I'm happy to say "The Uniform" will launch on July 1st. So I'm spinning various marketing dials hoping to scent the air with the excitement of World War 2 story craft. Which leaves me wondering what to write next. I've been toying with writing another Holocaust thriller--again inspired by a family member's unfortunate experience. It's the kind of story that would surely firm up what folks in the know think of as my brand.

At the same time, I've begun to scribble together a crime thriller based on certain unsavory folks from my past in the vicinity of Eight Mile Road. In case you're worried whether the crime story won't show enough of Jews under threat, relax. The crime story will be full of Hebraic characters.

If you liked "The Uniform," you might vote for me to keep the Holocaust story mill cranking. (In that case, I hope you'll mention it in an Amazon or Goodreads review.) But if you've had enough of Eastern European Sturm und Drang, you may favor something that has a more modern sensibility, a less formal but folksier style of narration. These are the boys and girls who somehow avoided careers in medicine and investment banking in favor of edgier pursuits. For my taste, the apex of crime fiction comes from Don Winslow: great story craft, deft use of language, wit, and memorable characters.

Seriously, let me know what you think.

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