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A World War 2 thriller of a novel.


A labor camp prisoner discovers the body of a murdered Gestapo officer. With only hours until he'll be sent to a death camp, the dead man's uniform becomes his last chance to survive and escape.  His challenge? Repairing the gashed and bloodied tunic under the noses of his SS captors.

Where to find "The Uniform"

About G Gruen

It's been a steady climb for G Gruen's writing life. First, as a creator of ads and commercials for the country's most prestigious advertising agencies. Before long, his original screenplays found homes inside a major movie studio and on assignment for several less major purveyors of the cinematic arts. With the publication of "The Uniform," he's become author of his own fiction and of the exciting next chapter in his writing career.


About G Gruen


Fleshy characters.  Dire circumstances.  Dangerous possibilities.  All in a story I cobbled together for a reader as discerning as you.  It'll give you a taste of the world you'll encounter in "The Uniform."  And it won't cost you a nickel. Just fill out the form below

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